CaseXchange is a revolutionary way to buy wine. The CaseXchange database is a live feed from a network of the best cellars in Europe and the U.K., ensuring pristine provenance and ultra-competitive prices. Available inventory is displayed in real time, synchronized to millisecond accuracy. On average, you will have access to 3,500 different wines… a whole lot more than your local wine shop can offer!

  • All prices on CaseXchange are live offers.
  • Delivery is approximately 90 to 120 days from purchase.
  • All sales are final with no refunds.

Every single wine offered on CaseXchange has been rigorously inspected and meets the below guidelines:

  • All wines have original labels, corks and capsules. Wines are often packaged in OWC, but please inquire to be sure. Additional shipping charge of $25 will apply at time of shipment for OWCs.
  • All wines are in excellent condition consistent across the case, meaning that the wine level in each bottle is at the base of the neck or better, the wine color is acceptable, there are no signs of leakage or pushed out corks, the labels are clean, undamaged and properly attached to the bottle, the capsules are not ripped or wrinkled and have not been damaged or tampered with, and the packaging is in good condition.
  • All European wines have never been exported from the European Union.

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