Full-Service New York Fine Wine Storage

Located in NYC minutes from Manhattan in the vault of the former American Bank Note Building, The Wine Cellarage comprises 25,000 square feet of premium, state-of-the-art fine wine storage that is home to some of the most valuable wines in the world. Over 400 private collectors store their wines in ideal climate-controlled conditions. All of our own stock enjoys the same perfect cellarage.

    • Industrial grade refrigeration of 55 degrees
    • 60 percent minimum humidity control
    • R-25 vapor barrier layered insulation
    • Back-up refrigeration system
    • Facility-wide video surveillance and 24-hour guard service
    • Inventory control using leading edge database and bar code tracking
    • Online account access

Opening A Wine Storage Account

Log into the website by creating a user ID. You will then be prompted to agree to our terms and conditions. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, please complete our Wine Storage Request Form and one of our Fine Wine Experts will contact you shortly.

Our Wine Storage Services

Wine Storage & Handling
The Wine Cellarage requires that all wine be stored in lay-flat wood or heavy gauge cardboard boxes. Wines will be kept in their original wood packaging, unless you request repackaging. If you wish to keep your wines in their original wooden cases, each wooden box will be charged as a whole case. For example, six bottle wood cases are charged as one single case. Our lay-flat heavy gauge cardboard case-size boxes hold twelve 750ml bottles. Our heavy gauge magnum boxes hold six 1.5L/magnum bottles. All wine bottles are stored within their boxes in the lay-flat position, keeping the wines in contact with their corks, which is optimal for long-term storage. Storage in Styrofoam or liquor boxes is not permitted. The Wine Cellarage will receive and store wine on your behalf shipped directly from outside suppliers. Please address all packages to the The Wine Cellarage address, to the attention of yourself.

Packing & Shipping
Located in NYC, just minutes from Manhattan, The Wine Cellarage offers exceptional packing and shipping services. Please call (212) 991-5700 for a price quote.

The Wine Cellarage offers consultation and, upon inquiry, may offer insurance coverage for collectors who require coverage.

The Wine Cellarage bills its clients on a 30-day billing cycle. The Wine Cellarage accepts Visa/MasterCard and American Express.

Online Inventory Access
Once inventoried (timing varies based on quantity received), you will be able to view your inventory on-line by logging into your account.

Pick-up & Delivery

All pick-up and delivery is performed via 55°F temperature-controlled vehicle. The processing time is two business days for pick-up at our facility. Please email your pick-up and delivery requests to orders@winecellarage.com.

Pickup from your home
(three cases or less) $40
(each additional case) $10
Delivery to your home
(three cases or less) $40
(each additional case) $10
Due to the many variables for wine delivery services, pricing is determined on a custom basis for pick-up and delivery to the Outer Boroughs and greater Tri-State area. Please call (212) 991-5700 for a price quote and to schedule your delivery.

General Wine Storage Fees

Number of Cases Price/Case per Month
1 – 49 $2.75
50 – 99 $2.65
100 – 149 $2.55
150+ $2.20
$38.00 minimum monthly fee

Inventory & Handling Fees

Inventory & Handling Fee
Each whole case entering or leaving the cellar $3.75 Per Case
Each mixed case with bottle-level inventory control entering the cellar $3.75 Per Line Item
Each case leaving the cellar $3.75
Each item or line item entering or leaving the cellar $3.75 Per Line Item
Consolidation Service $3.75 Per Line Item
Box Fees $10.00 Per Lay-flat Cardboard Box