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Wine storage in NYC and London

Our fine wine storage platform allows you to manage your collection with confidence

Expert-regulated and carefully monitored storage environment

Protect the quality and value of your fine wine collection with reliable wine storage in NYC or London. Our wine storage environment has taken every factor into consideration to keep your fine wine at its best: regulated temperature, controlled humidity, protection from light and vibration, and 24/7 digital monitoring to ensure your collection’s safety and security.

wine storage NYC


Proprietary tracking and wine storage technologies

Our wine storage portal allows you to maintain complete control over your collection. You’re not only tracking the list of bottles you have stored with us; you can also view their live market prices, keep track of drinking windows, request delivery of your bottles at any time, and list them for resale with just one click. We even allow you to add wines from your home cellar for an accurate analysis of your entire collection in one place.

Protect your investment with automated alerts when the market prices of your wines reach the thresholds you set, and even compare multiple wines and spirits in a single graph for a deeper market analysis.

Beyond the financial insights into your collection, our storage program also makes it easy to learn more about your wines, producers, and taste profiles. Add your own personal tasting notes to the wines in your cellar and read reviews synched from your Robert Parker, Jancis Robinson, or Vinous Media subscriptions.

We don’t just help you maintain your wine collection; we help you grow it in a smart way. Create your own Wine Watch List or create a fantasy cellar to analyze against your own, and set alerts when the wine you’re looking for becomes available.

Ready to start storing your wine the smarter way? Our dedicated Fine Wine Experts are here to help.


Detailed analysis of your wine collection and resale value

Understand every metric of your wine collection from producer to region to estimated market value. This information is available to you 24/7 and updated instantly with your unique storage login.

Hover or click to learn more about the data available to you as a wine storage member.

Wine Storage, Handling and Insurance Fees (2023)


1 – 49 Cases


50 – 99 Cases


100 – 149 Cases


150+ Cases


Handling Fees

Inbound Whole Case


Inbound Mixed Case / Per Line


Outbound Whole Case


Delivery / Pickup Fees


$98 up to 3 cases, then $15 per additional case


$165 up to 5 cases, then $20 per additional case

Westchester County

$165 up to 5 cases, then $15 per additional case

Northern NJ

$165 up to 5 cases, then $20 per additional case

Nassau County

$297 up to 5 cases, then $20 per additional case


All storage plans now include the Wine Storage Insurance Program with first loss coverage for $19.99/month.

  • First Loss insurance coverage with a limit of $25,000 per year per storage account.
  • All coverage over $25,000 remains the responsibility of the customer to obtain insurance.
  • Insured amounts above $25,000 may be obtained from The Wine Cellarage at the rate of 1% of insured value per year.
  • Perils covered: Fire, theft, breakage, water damage, flood, earthquake, windstorm, vehicle accident, vehicle breakdown, refrigeration breakdown, change of temperature, loss of power and cork push due to change in temperature.
  • Coverage provided is at a demonstrable replacement value or invoice value.
  • Transit coverage applies only on shipments made by or arranged by The Wine Cellarage.

Join the Wine Storage and Insurance Programs

Wine Storage Program $14.99/month

Wine Storage Insurance Program $19.99/month

Protect your investment with wine storage insurance. Our Wine Storage Insurance Program includes first loss insurance coverage with a limit of $25,000 per year per storage account. We also offer additional coverage for insured amounts above $25,000 per year at the rate of 1% of the insured value per year. As a member of our Wine Storage program, you will be automatically enrolled in the Wine Storage Insurance Program, and your investment will be protected from the start. 

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Temperature Controlled Environment

It’s right there in our logo: our 22,000 foot wine storage facility is kept at the optimal temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13°C) for optimal long-term storage conditions, cooled with over one million BTUs. Unexpected temperature changes can cause premature aging of vintage wines and inconsistencies in bottle and cork pressure, allowing air into wine and damaging the taste profile. Consistent temperature control means that your wines will age optimally and you will enjoy the best possible experience when you are ready to open those special bottles.

Balanced Humidity

Wine corks can become dry and damaged in low-humidity conditions, and wine labels can peel off or wrinkle if humidity in your storage facility gets too high. Our balanced humidity keeps your wine in perfect condition, whether you’re protecting taste or resale value.

Light Protection

Storing your wine in an expert-regulated environment means your wine will never be exposed to excess light or damaging UV rays. Our high-tech system ensures that once your wine is inventoried, photographed, and documented, it’s carefully boxed and labeled with a barcode so it can remain untouched and protected while you monitor your collection.

Vibration Protection

Vibration is one of the most important elements of wine storage that’s often overlooked when customers store their wine collections at home. Heavy foot traffic overhead, vibration from household appliances running, and more, can disrupt wine as it is being stored. Our storage facility keeps wines still and allows sediments to properly settle for the smoothest taste.

Safety and Security

We know how valuable your wine collection is to you, and our goal is to give you maximum oversight and the ability to manage your collection safely and securely. Every bottle is photographed when it enters our system, and everything is documented from its fill level to its label condition. Then, it is entered into your personal account to track, manage, and even resell at any time.