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2011 Dal Forno Romano Amarone della Valpolicella Monte Lodoletta [Future Arrival]


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Amarone differs from Valpolicella for two simple reasons. The first concerns the duration of the drying process, which in the case of Amarone can be prolonged to three months instead of one and a half months. The second instead refers to the age of the vines. Our company’s philosophy considers that, in order to produce Amarone, only the grapes that are harvested from vines which are older than ten years can be used. The younger vines are therefore only used in the production of Valpolicella. Not with standing these two differences and other small variations with regards to the percentage of the different grapes used, it can be said that these two wines are almost identical, in the sense that the underlying process of their production and aging are exactly the same. In saying this, Amarone can be distinguished from its smaller brother by its strength and elegance. Undoubtedly the complexity of this wine is superior in respect to that of Valpolicella and has its place in the category of wines that are usually defined as “meditation wines”. Subtle aromatic hints, that range from black cherry, blueberry to chocolate, anticipate the opulent expression of mature fruit that flows into the mouth with inadvertent persistence. Nuances of truffle, tobacco and new leather wrap around the finish. It is a wine with undiscovered potential, but whose depth leaves one hoping that it has a very long development ahead of it. -Romano dal Forno website

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