2015 Muthenthaler Wachau Daneben Maischegarung


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Wine Details

Bottle Size 750ml
Vintage 2015
Varietal Proprietary Blend
Producer Muthenthaler
Region Wachau
Color White
Country Austria

Additional Information

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The Bruck vineyards cover in total 12 hectares and every square metre of it shows that we are at the utmost limits of winemaking. Hundreds of stone walls hold the terraces – without them it would not be possible to grow wine since the slopes are simply too steep. The geology is primarily based on orthogneiss, metamorphic limestone-free rock. The soil is mostly shallow, sandy and perfectly permeable for water. The vines root deeply and accumaulate thereby additional water. Interstices of schist complement the geological array. Summing up all those components the Bruck vineyards offer ideal conditions especially for Riesling. This was already known in bygone days and it is no surprise that there are vines to be found that are more than seventy years old. The wines are generally puristic, crystal-clear, mineral and stony and are characterized by a profound acidity and lean structure on the palate.

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