2013 Burgundy

The Reds

“Two thousand thirteen, which featured the latest harvest in decades, was yet another challenging, stressful growing season that would have been a washout a generation ago. Although production was again low and wine quality varies widely—with much Pinot Noir on the Côte de Beaune compromised by a violent hailstorm in late July—this very cool vintage has yielded many wonderfully vibrant, perfumed, transparent wines that should please lovers of classic Burgundy. While the 2013s are rarely powerhouses of structure, their sappy fruit intensity, healthy acidity and mostly ripe tannins should enable them to give pleasure on the early side and evolve gracefully in bottle.” – Stephen Tanzer, The 2013 Red Burgundies, Vinous, January 2015

The Whites

“The finished 2013s are generally well-focused mid-weight wines without the flesh or sucrosité of the 2014s. But if they are tauter and leaner, many producers consider them to be more typical and mineral-driven. A minority of growers actually prefer their 2013s to their 2014s, citing such advantages as “greater finesse than the fatter ‘14s,” “more minerally,” “more accurate to terroir,” “more crisp and sharply delineated,” “higher in acidity.” ” – Stephen Tanzer, The 2014 & 2013 White Burgundies, Vinous, September 2015

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