5 Sancerre You Need to Try This Summer

Discover the best Sancerre wines for summer, featuring exceptional selections from Vignoble Dauny and Domaine Raimbault-Pineau.

As the summer sun graces us with its warm embrace, there’s no better way to enjoy the season than with a glass of exquisite Sancerre. We are thrilled to introduce you to three featured Sancerre selections that promise to elevate your summer experiences. These wines, carefully curated and recently tasted, come from esteemed producers who have long been favorites in the Sancerre category. With quality and value becoming increasingly rare, these wines stand out as exceptional choices for both seasoned connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike.

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Pouring two glasses of Sancerre wine for summer.

Vignoble Dauny: A Legacy of Organic Viticulture

The Dauny family, with a history dating back to 1683, has been a pillar of the Sancerre winemaking community. Their vineyards are located on the famous slopes of Champtin, and the family has been committed to organic farming since 1964, thanks to Lucien Dauny’s visionary leadership. Now, in the capable hands of the twelfth generation, Nicole and Christian Dauny, alongside their sons Benoit and Thibaut, Vignoble Dauny continues to produce Sancerre wines that are a testament to their rich heritage and dedication to sustainable practices.

2023 Vignoble Dauny Sancerre Blanc Terres Blanches – $26 per bottle

For those who relish the freshness of citrus and stone fruits, the Terres Blanches is an impeccable choice. This wine bursts with aromas of citrus fruit, white peach, and stone fruit. On the palate, it is round and focused, delivering bright green apple and citrus flavors, followed by a refreshing minerality. It’s a delightful wine that pairs wonderfully with summer salads, fresh cheeses, and seafood.

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2023 Vignoble Dauny Sancerre Blanc Clos du Roy – $27 per bottle

If your preference leans towards a wine with greater minerality, the Clos du Roy will captivate your senses. This elegant Sancerre features aromas of stone fruit and citrus, complemented by a rich mid-palate and vibrant acidity. The persistent vein of minerality makes it an excellent companion for oysters and shellfish. While it can age gracefully and pair with richer dishes like foie gras, its irresistible flavor profile might make it hard to keep for long.

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Domaine Raimbault-Pineau: Tradition and Terroir

In the heart of Sury-en-Vaux, Domaine Raimbault-Pineau is another stalwart of Sancerre winemaking, with over three centuries of history. The domaine spans 40 separate plots of AOC Sancerre vines, each benefiting from unique terroirs and sun exposure. This meticulous attention to detail ensures wines of exceptional character and quality.

Glasses of Sancerre rose wine.

2023 Domaine Raimbault-Pineau Sancerre Rosé – $24 per bottle

Perfect for summer afternoons, this Sancerre Rosé is a fragrant bouquet of ripe citrus, red fruits, wildflowers, and a hint of spice. Made from 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Gamay, it delivers juicy, lingering berry flavors and zesty tangerine notes on the palate. This versatile wine pairs beautifully with a range of dishes, from light salads to grilled seafood.

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Sauvignon Blanc Surprises!

Beyond our featured Sancerre, we were delighted to discover two extraordinary Sauvignon Blancs that bring a unique twist to our selection. These wines, sourced from the Loire Valley and Burgundy, offer exceptional value and distinct character.

2022 Terres Blondes Sauvignon Blanc – $15 per bottle

This organic Sauvignon Blanc from the picturesque Touraine region in the Loire Valley is a hidden gem. With enchanting aromas of honeysuckle and ripe peaches, it promises a delightful tasting experience. The zesty citrus flavors and lively acidity are balanced by savory minerality, making it a steal at this price point. Crafted by Henry Marionnet, this wine benefits from a diverse blend of soils that contribute to its complexity and charm.

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2022 Clément Lavallée Saint-Bris Les Copains d’Abord – $42 per bottle

From the only appellation in Burgundy that allows Sauvignon Blanc, the Saint-Bris Les Copains d’Abord is a remarkable wine. It captivates with beautiful scents of exotic blooms, zesty orange, and vibrant Sauvignon notes. This medium-bodied wine showcases a luscious fruit core, uplifted by lively acidity and leading to a long, refreshing finish. Harvested from a sustainable vineyard, this wine exemplifies the unique terroir of Saint-Bris and the meticulous craftsmanship of Clément Lavallée.

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Sancerre: A Collector’s Dream

Sancerre, located in the eastern part of the Loire Valley, is renowned for its exceptional Sauvignon Blanc wines. The region’s unique terroir, characterized by limestone-rich soils and a continental climate, contributes to the distinct flavors and aromas of Sancerre wines. Collectors and enthusiasts prize Sancerre for its ability to age gracefully, developing greater complexity and depth over time.

The Sancerre appellation covers approximately 2,800 hectares of vineyards, producing primarily Sauvignon Blanc, with smaller quantities of Pinot Noir and Gamay for rosé and red wines. The region’s history of winemaking dates back to the Roman era, and today, Sancerre wines are celebrated worldwide for their elegance, minerality, and vibrant acidity.

Sancerre wine pairings with oysters.

Perfect Pairings for Summer

Sancerre wines are incredibly versatile, making them ideal companions for a variety of summer dishes. Here are some pairing suggestions to enhance your culinary experiences:

  • Oysters and Shellfish: The bright acidity and minerality of Sancerre Blanc wines make them perfect for fresh oysters, clams, and mussels.
  • Salads: Whether it’s a classic goat cheese salad or a mixed greens with citrus vinaigrette, Sancerre adds a refreshing contrast to these light dishes.
  • Cheeses: Sancerre pairs beautifully with a range of cheeses, from creamy goat cheese to aged cheddar.
  • Seafood: Grilled fish, shrimp, and scallops are elevated by the zesty citrus and mineral notes of Sancerre wines.
  • Light Poultry Dishes: Chicken and turkey dishes, especially those with herb-infused sauces, complement the herbal and fruity nuances of Sancerre.

As you savor the joys of summer, let these exceptional Sancerre selections from Vignoble Dauny and Domaine Raimbault-Pineau, along with our surprising Sauvignon Blanc discoveries, transport you to the picturesque vineyards of the Loire Valley and Burgundy. Whether you’re a long-time aficionado or new to the world of Sancerre, these wines offer a delightful journey of flavors and aromas that are perfect for any summer occasion. 

If you’re hunting for more perfect summer wines, be sure to reach out to our fine wine experts at 212-991-5700 for more personalized recommendations.

Note: The prices listed are as of June 13, 2024 and are subject to change.

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